Thursday, September 27, 2007

That's our boy!

We "opened" a surprise e-mail today! Thanks to the Chuck and Jean Anne who traveled earlier in the month, we have such a great picture to stare at all day! That's a face anyone would love. I am so thankful that they took the time to play with my little guy long enough to put a smile on his face. I look forward to returning the favor for others from Can Tho. I know he has kisses hiding under that neck that need to be gotten!!

We haven't received our growth update this month. I was told that his pictures are deceiving because he is not as big as he looks in pictures!

We did get his room finished this past weekend. It looks cool. We did a surfer theme from Pottery Barn. We hope to go to the beach in Viet Nam and take some pictures so we can add those to his walls. I will post some pictures of it soon. (I still need to paint his name on the wall.)

Hold on Kaden, we are hoping to come soon!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Here we go!!!!!

On the top: updated photo received 8-31-07......Bottom: updated photo from 9-10-2007. Thanks Chuck and Cindy for the photo!

This is our first attempt at a blog. We have always used websites for our other adoptions, so here goes! Where to start: well, we received our referral for Kaden Tran on July 2nd, 2007. It completely caught me off guard because referrals don't usually come out on Mondays. Just goes to show that you never know! We sent our dossier off to Viet Nam on August 2nd (we had a loooonnngggg wait for our I-171) and were logged in on August 31st. We hope to travel in December or January.....but we'll see!

We received new photos of Kaden today from Katie. There are three families that met their sons this week and were able to snap a few photos for us! We are so thankful. He has grown so much over the past three months.

David is the writer in our family; I'm the cut-to-the-chase girl. So when he has time to sit down and work on the blog it will be a lot more interesting; I just wanted to give everyone a sneak peek of my little guy!