Wednesday, October 31, 2007


I'm trying to think of a positive spin to put on this: Maybe all the extra people that are going through my packet will see Kaden's cute face and decide they want to adopt too?!?!?! It finally made it to Ho Chi Minh City.....and is stuck in customs for some reason. They have to "open a file" on it. Vietnam is one of the few countries where DHL doesn't work 24 hours a day, so I am supposed to call International customer service in the morning and get an update. I hope it will be delivered by then. They don't know what the problem is and why it was pulled.

I did find out what happened in China: apparently if there is a photo in the package, you have to send it a certain way.....apparently the person who helped us with our package didn't realized that....apparently that was a huge error. DHL is very sorry and will refund our money BECAUSE IF IT IS NOT DELIVERED BY IN THE MORNING I'M SENDING A NEW PACKAGE WITH FEDEX! It's never ending it seems. To them it's business, to me it's my son.

On a brighter note, remember the families that are leaving tomorrow. I should have just given them my packet!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Vietnam...not China!!!

Well, the mail place assured me DHL was "the global leader in international delivery" so I needed to use them. My papers have been sitting in China since yesterday morning! I emailed VN DHL office last night and this morning Ihad an email from them that said "Be kindly advised that this shipment airwaybill number XXXXXXX has transitted China from the 27th October, 2007 and it has just been released from Chinese customs today. We have alerted our concern departments to take care this shipment and to ensure that your shipment is given preferential attention and delivered the soonest possible time once it arrives in Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam." Well, needless to say, most others used FedEx and they arrived on Monday. Lesson learned. My mind will be much more at ease when I receive the notification that my papers have arrived.

On a brighter note, I was called early yesterday morning to let us know that Kathryn was Student of the Month at her school. Within 40 minutes Dave and I both got showered and dressed, got the biddies up and dressed (much to Kiley's chagrin) and called to wake Gran up and she made it (without her two pots of coffee)! We were very proud of her. We also received report cards and all my girls did fabulously! I am so thankful that they all love school.

Hope to have good updated news later. Please pray my papers will make it to VN today. There are three (or more) families leaving for VN in the next few days. One is going to see my Kaden when she picks up her son, Jake. Here is a link to her blog if you are interested (Staci, I thought you would need another one to follow!): Please pray for these families as they travel. Last week they had to receive an exception to be able to keep their travel plans due to the new USCIS policy. Thankfully they were granted an exemption since they were due to travel this week. We were all so relieved for them. For a pretty concise list of Dillon Families blog listings, you can go to
UPDATE: As of 3:49 pm (our time) my package left ...HONG KONG????? I wish we were credited with the frequent flyer miles for this delivery! "Should" be there by 5 am our time on Wednesday (Their Wednesday night.)

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Which do you want first?

Well, we received a fabulous email today and a depressing email today. If you want the great news first, start here. If you want the bad news first, skip to the next paragraph and back track.
Fabulous news:

Jynger sent us great pictures of Kaden today. He is getting so big! She says he is all of 15 lbs.....short and chubby. He loves his fists. I would love to put a toy in those hands! It's getting harder to look at his pictures knowing we can't hold him yet....which leads to our depressing news:

Apparently our Embassy in Hanoi is changing the process somewhat and this added paperwork may add 60 days to our wait so travel before the end of the year seems to be out. January would be okay, but they shut down for several WEEKS in February due to TET (their New Year's celebration) so it could be delayed until March. I'm in denial of this and am DHLing our newly added paperwork to Hanoi tomorrow! I hope we can get in before the 1,000's of other people's papers that are going to hit this small office to be processed.

Bottom line: I have felt God's peace tonight (once I began breathing again) and know that it's all in His timing. I have done my part as quickly as possible and have to leave the rest to Him. Pray that He works a miracle!

Still on Step Bay (with a little mark over it)

We found out yesterday we are still on Step Bay (which is Vietnamese for 7, pronounced like buy kind of). I hope to hear that we have moved to Step 8 pretty quickly! Please pray specifically that our papers and Kaden's dossier (his "it's okay to adopt him packet" is compiled quickly once we hit Step 8. Usually after Step 8 is when you order travel get to praying! (There is another Can Tho family that is right with us. Pray for their papers also!)

Jynger just returned from Vietnam after visiting the orphanage. She said she had a new picture that she would be sending maybe today. So hopefully we will have a new photo to post later today. I can't imagine anything cuter than my last one though.

There is a group leaving next week and I know that one family will be traveling to his orphanage for her little guy. It's fun when you know someone is actually looking at my son and talking to him. She is going to try to get photos. That is always a great treat.

I've decided it's time to learn some of the language. We need to be able to say mom, dad, sister, brother, thank you, please, hello, goodbye, baby, and I love you. Those were our basic words for China and it won the director's heart that we knew "so much". My biddies (two youngest girls) love Dora around the World and can say hello in many languages now. They love to walk up to people and say hello in French or Swahili or Mandarin or Spanish; people aren't sure exactly what to think! They will love learning Vietnamese. It might be tougher than Mandarin though. I found a program online yesterday that I could download free that teaches quite a few words. They write it and say it for you and use flashcards. I had to move the "turtle" to the slowest speed possible and listen many times! It's hard for this old brain.

Well, it's time to hit the ground running. Two are already out the door. It's time for shift two to begin...

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Hey, Staci!

Nothing new, just wanted my friend Staci to have something to see when she pulled up the blog today! Hey, Staci, go cut some more paper! The kids need more books!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Two posts in one!

Our Kaden is growing strong. Our medical update from 10-1 states he weighs 15.65 lbs and is 24.8 inches long. Now, of course, we know not to bet our house on these numbers, but it is always fun to see he is growing!

Step 7!

On Friday we received an email stating that we were on Step 7. I still don't know what that means for travel, but we are moving in the right direction! There is a family heading to our little guy's province in two weeks to adopt their little boy. It's fun to know that someone will be seeing Kaden in person soon! Hoping for more good news soon!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

An update

Jynger (from Dillon) sent us an update that said our papers were in Steps 2-6. There is a 12-step path that our papers have to follow. I would have loved to have heard that they were at Step 6 instead, but we'll wait patiently! I really don't know where that puts us travelwise and realistically Dillon doesn't probably know either! (If you want specifics about the steps, e-mail and I'll fill you in. Otherwise I won't bore you!)

So while we wait, we went Saturday to watch Kathryn cheer on her squad for Upward flag football. Kaylin is the assistant coach. Kathryn has a natural cheerleading ability and is the LOUDEST voice on the squad by comments on genetics here! Kaylin loves teaching the girls. I love when their activities overlap and we have a two-fer.

Karis is still taking guitar. She is an avid reader. She can read a several hundred page book in just a few days....what is she doing at school? I can't complain too much since she makes excellent grades! She is enjoying her last year of middle school. Could she really be going to high school next year? That makes me really old!

Along with cheer, Kaylin still takes voice/piano lessons. She is in our church production as the understudy for the lead role. This will be videoed by a Nashville company for the demo for a new Christmas musical. Kathryn is also in this production in the chorus and as a dancer. Kaylin is loving middle school and is having a blast.

Kenna and Kiley enjoy the crazy life of a big family. They started gymnastics in August and they both seem to have some natural talent. It's a great outlet for their energy and silliness. We just celebrated Kenna's 3rd Gotcha Day. We went to Tulsa to meet with four of the seven families that we traveled with. The girls had a great time together. Kenna seemed to really understand that she had a connection to these girls from China. It was a fun day...and night!

David and I are kicking along. He has been traveling a lot lately. He is trying to get business moving so we can slow down when we travel. It's getting to be the holidays around here so life picks up a bit anyway. We have three birthdays between Oct. 10th and Nov. 10th so we are in party mode! I do think it was easier, less expensive and less painful to give birth then to do birthday parties so close together in such an already busy time of year. I was very thankful that Kaden was born in the summer!

Well, that's enough rambling today. I'll post new pictures of the girls know how that goes.