Friday, November 30, 2007

Nothing new...but the tree is up!

Well, for all the curious, we don't know anything new this week. Maybe next week we will hear something. I hope our I-600 approval comes soon because our 12-step papers keep moving!
Have a great weekend. We are going to get serious about preparing for Christmas. It sneaks up on us every year and every year I say I am going to start earlier next year! Well folks, my tree is already up and stockings are hung by the chimney with care. I even bought the stuff to make Kaden his stocking. I'd sure love to stick him in it on Christmas morning! Hey, a girl can dream!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Step Chin!

That would be Step Nine for all you English speakers out there! Moving right along. If we can get our I-600 papers straightened out, maybe travel will soon! I hate to even hope!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

nothing new really

Here's a post to say nothing new going on! We did get an email from Hanoi saying they couldn't read our VN papers and wanted new copies...that means they opened my envelope! The staff in VN will handle this for us because those are the only copies we have. We didn't care that the scanned VN documents were illegible; we only cared about the English translations that were crystal clear.
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! We have a lot to be thankful for. We have a lot of family coming in town. It will be our first Thanksgiving without my dad. Needless to say, I bet it is his best Thanksgiving ever. I wonder if he will miss my coconut cream pie I always made for him? Somehow I doubt it!

Monday, November 12, 2007

We're breathing again!

Kaden on November 5th. He is exactly five months old.
Thanks Steve and Christi for giving us a new face to look at. It's so good to see him on his tummy with that head held high!
In the world of international adoptions, it has been a rough few weeks! After we stomached the USCIS changes with the I-600 glitch and finally had our papers in Vietnam, we thought we were home free. Friday we received an email from our agency about some possible situations on the horizon. The skinny is this: The US and VN have a bilateral agreement on adoptions. In June of 2008 the agreement expires. They are concerned about the renewal of this agreement. There will be a summit on Nov.28th in Washington about the situation. I was broken because I knew the last time that the program shut down it took three years to open back up! I couldn't imagine looking at Kade's picture for three years! We did find out later (after many tears) that with the last shut down, all referrals that were in process (papers in work in VN) were allowed to complete the adoption. There's no guarantee that this will happen again, but it did calm my fears. I'm just ready to go and get back!
The truth is, there are changes that need to be made. There are currently families in VN who have their babies and adoption papers but can't get Visa's to get back in the country because of problems with their paperwork. Some have been there for six weeks. I can't imagine the heartbreak these families are dealing with. These are a few of the blogs of families caught up in a paperwork nightmare. (I'm not saying these people did anything unethical or are with poor agencies. I have no idea about their agencies or situation other than what they have in their blogs. I'm sure they'd appreciate your prayers.)
We are with an agency that is above-board with their dealings. Dillon has been in these orphanages doing humanitarian efforts before adoptions were even allowed. Kaden's referral came with a truckload of paperwork. Some agencies, however, don't play by the rules and now everyone has to pay. One agency that is seems to have a lot of problems with their families in country is an agency that we considered using. They promised us the moon and luckily that sent red flags to me. If it had been my first go around with adoption though, I don't know if I would have made a wise choice and stuck with Dillon. Praise be to God that I listened to my gut and overrode my heart at the time!
Dillon said we could order our Visa's now. But I know travel is still a long way away (unless God intervenes and works a miracle which would be fabulous) so I think we might wait a bit. It is several hundred dollars for four and then if we have to redo them, it is several hundred again! Trust me, if we got the call tomorrow that we could leave, we could get our visas along with anything else that needed to be done!
A gift from above:
On a much more cheerful note, I have been praying the last few days that God would show me He cares. Now, don't get me wrong, my head knows that God is in controls and is passionate about us and about heart just doesn't feel it right now. I asked God to show me in a very real way that He cares about our situation. Well, Sunday afternoon we received a call from a friend that Dave knows, ie. "Angel", and she said her sister from another state had boxed up a few things for us and Kaden (she has boys). She and her husband delivered I think six boxes full of clothes, toys and shoes for Kaden! And let me tell you, they are CUTE! From jeans to flannel shirts to things with sports to Nikes, you name it, from 6 months up to 2T Kaden has an incredible gift waiting for him. I had to laugh and say, "Okay, God, you cared all the way from another state." It took a lot of work and hands (Thank you "Angel's" mom and dad, and sister) to bring me the confirmation I needed. Now I get to sit and play with all the goodies that I haven't allowed myself to buy!!!
Last but not least:
We did find out this morning that we are on Step 8 of the 12-Step program. This is the longest step in the process because they prepare Kaden's dossier. Hopefully we are close to the end of Step 8.
Thanks for checking in on us. Please take a second to pray for the people involved with the adoptions. They need wisdom...and compassion! Pray that our papers will pass through the USCIS very quickly....VERY QUICKLY! We are ready to go!

Monday, November 5, 2007

The Tortoise and the Hare

Both sets of papers arrived on Monday AM Vietnam time! The Tortoise and the Hare fable didn't hold true: FedEx beat DHL by almost two hours! Now I pray for fast processing. I assume I am at Step 8 in the 12-step program but haven't received confirmation of that. We can't travel until both lines of paperwork are finished (USCIS and VN 12-steps).
The next few weeks will fly by. We had a birthday party last weekend, company this coming weekend, a house full of sixth graders the following weekend for Big Weekend at our church, then we are having my family's Thanksgiving here and then the musical production that two of my girls have been working on the following weekend. I will try to squeeze in an occasional nap. I'll keep you up on any new news, but other than that, you know what I'll be doing!
We are hoping for new pictures soon. I think the family traveling now was able to take some! I'll post when we have them.Please pray our paperwork passes quickly through the USCIS and the 12-steps.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Go FedEx Go...

Not how I would have liked the day to begin: The communication that was to be sent yesterday about my clearance delay didn't get sent for some reason. They will be glad to try again today to leave VN DHL an email (VN offices are closed since it is nighttime there). They will be glad to contact me tomorrow and let me know what the status is.....well, I have a new status....starting all over with FedEx. At some point you have to just have to cut your loses and move on! FedEx says they can get my package there on Monday. I will forever love FedEx if they do. I know it was probably a one-in-a-million mess-up, but I'm the one.
I was surprised to get a height and weight update for my little Kaden this afternoon. This whole DHL hasn't seemed to bother his eating! He has gained a pound and now weighs 7.5 kg (16.5 lbs) and is 65 cms. Even on the VN charts that's not too shabby.