Tuesday, January 8, 2008

And here we are

We didn't get an email today from HCMC with our approval. That is very disappointing. I know they were communicating back and forth today with Dillon which seemed positive. Still, no end in sight and our Thursday flight is now out. We are trying to decide what to do now. Our hotel is booked through Thursday. Dave is meeting with our guide in a little bit to discuss staying here if we can or finding a cheaper hotel. It's hard to give up the kitchen and laundry but especially the girls having their own space. At naptime Kade can go to our room and close the door for a real nap.
We finally reached the end of our rope this afternoon and went walking around Hanoi...again. Went to a new Pagodo and bought some bookmarks. (I read an entire book already.) We had a good dinner and are back for the night. Hopefully we will hear from our agency soon!
Thanks to all of our friends and family who are praying for our quick return. Thanks to Gran for her continued care of our girls. We could not have done it without you!!! You run a tight ship and we appreciate it. Don't bail on us yet!
Thanks Paula for relieving Mom today with the biddies. I'm sure everyone will enjoy the change of scenery.
Hopefully we will be home soon! Being here another weekend is a lot to swallow.


S. said...

That is so frustrating! I am sorry you havn't heard yet. I really hope you get your approval soon, and can bring your baby home!

Leigh said...

Oh Shelly, I am so sorry. I just have to believe it is coming soon. This is beyond maddening!

Hang in there, stay strong! You guys will make it!

Miles said...

I am SO sorry it did not come! We are still praying and holding on to hope that you are coming home before the weekend.

Praying without ceasing ~

jjm said...

I can't even fathom the level of frustration you must have at the moment. I must say though that you have seemed so calm and upbeat in all of your posts... it's an admirable way to handle things. On the bright side, at least the big man is now involved. Here's hoping for good news, and soon!

Catherine said...

Don't worry about the home front. The "ship" is running fine..Thanks to Sheila for a great dinner, Jarla and Paula for watching the biddie so I can have some time "alone" Also thanks to Bea for my New Years dinner which included BLACK EYE peas. Hang in there..Granny (but still your Mom)

Cheryl S said...

We are also praying for some good news about travel! We at Dennis will be lifting you up as well. I will give your girl some extra hugs today!!!

Brandi said...


I am so sorry!! Please know you all are in our prayers.


Nadra said...

Praying, praying, praying that you will be home very soon.

Sending hugs your way!!!

Julie said...

This is so frustrating for all of you. We hope there is a speedy resolution soon.

We're thinking about all of you!!!

Brian and Staci said...

"and here we are" is not exactly a good thing...I just remember Sheila and I saying that in New Mexico last February...in a tiny cabin with a wooden spiral staircase with 7 kids and 5 adults. Not quite what you are going through but "and here we are" is taken to yet another level. All these prayers MUST be answered soooon!