Wednesday, January 9, 2008

And here we go

That's right go, as in action! Early next week there will be five of us getting off a plane at home!! With much graditute to sleep-deprived Jynger and the co-foudners of Dillon, communications have been going back and forth. This morning they we able to recieve the news that they have been fighting for: pre-approval will be issued! We hope to recieve an email later this week and have an appointment early next week. Then we cross the next hurdle of finding flights......luckily we are working with a greaqt travel guy.
If we hear more later today, we'll update the post. We are out to eat some lunch after a long,k satisfying nap!
Jynger and The Dillons: enjoy your night of rest, you deserve it!
Kenna and Kiley: we are "missing you much" and mommy and daddy are coming home soon with brother. Make us a picture.
Karis: Enjoy your last few Gran-days! Back to the real world soon where you can step back and be 14 again. I appreciate that you have stepped up and kept the girls content. You are a blessing!


Leigh said...

Hallelujah!! Best news I've heard all week!!! Oh, what a relief!!!
Don't worry, Todd will get you home!

I know you'll think it is crazy, but I am even more excited about your comimng home than I was about mine! Give Stacy a big hug for me!

Keep me updated on flight info..we'll see you at the airport! WOO HOO!

Cindy said...

Congratulations! So glad to hear your good news! We are hoping to leave on the 14th! Todd was the one to work with!

I definitely do not recommend Eric at World Travel!

Miles said...

PRAISE THE LORD!!!! We are so thankful that you finally got the approval! We look SO forward to your homecoming! See you next week!

Love to you all!

Scott and Leslie said...

Yippee Skippy!!!!!! We are so excited that you are finally preparing to come home. While your experience in Vietnam has been one that you will never forget, it is time to come home! Enjoy your last few days. Sending hugs from Missouri!!!

erinlo said...

I am so so excited to read this this morning. I've been feeling terrible about your delays and remembering all of our delays way back when we travelled. You have handled it with integrity and character. I KNOW how incredibly stressful it is, but, truly, you are amazing. What memories you will have to share! Way to make the best of it!

Brian and Staci said...

YEAHHH!! So glad an end--or rather a beginning is in sight! I'm sure getting back to the real world sounds great to you guys! Pine Cove bound as of tomorrow---we'll miss you! Won't be able to check on my blogs---YIKES! I'm sure Sheila will keep me updated! Best of luck and safe travels!

Nadra said...

Yay...great news. I'm so glad you're approved. I'll be praying that you can get a flight home just as soon as the Visa is issued.

Stay're almost home!!

Julie said...

Oh this is wonderful news. I know it has been a long couple of weeks for your all. Can't wait to see those pictures of you getting off that airplane!!!

Dianna said...

I'm so thrilled that you'll be coming home! Your family will be back together in no time.

Leigh said...


Thanks for the note on my blog. I am so very proud of you and your sister too. (And, not just for reading either!) You have been such a big help to your folks during this trip and I know it hasn't always been easy.

I'll be one happy mommy if DoriGrace grows up to have a kind, calm spirit like you.

Can't wait to see you at the airport!

Randy Nason said...

Good news that you will get to come home. We will see you at the airport.