Thursday, January 17, 2008

Final Post in Vietnam

I am up late making final preparations for our trip home. It feels good just to say that. We have now been away from home for more than a month and we are all anxious to get home to the other half of our family. We miss you all so much. It has been a wonderful trip and we have seen so much of Vietnam. It may take a little time to get used to a few things like traffic where the lines and stop signs mean something and everyone honks whether there's a reason or not, and of course, using bottled water to brush our teeth. Triva question: How much bottled water does it take for a family of four + baby to live out of country, that's bottles, drinking, brushing, etc.? My best guess is about 20-25 gallons since we used 3 of the 5 gallon jugs in our room just in Hanoi.

We had a good last day as we shopped for a few final items and enjoyed a cyclo ride through the Old Quarter. Now we are packed and ready to fly home in the morning. Kaden has been an excellent baby. He now sleeps until about 6 AM without waking! He is good just to play on the bed or floor with toys and he loves to play with his sisters. It will be great fun to see him playing with all of his sisters back home.

Thanks to everyone for your prayers of concern and encouragement. Shelly and I are truly blessed to have SIX beautiful kids. Now that's a statement I never thought I would be able to say. I look forward to catching up with you all when we return, after some much needed rest!


Scott and Leslie said...

Safe travels to you! We look forward to reading your first post from HOME!!!!

Cindy said...

God speed! Hope you have a safe and trouble less trip! So glad you are gong home! We are now home too! I know the feelings! Glad to have met you!

Jessica said...

Safe travels. I will warn you that when you get home thathe will not sleep until 6 am anymore lol. not for at least a week or two until after the jetlag wears off. have fun!