Friday, January 4, 2008

Friday, Jan. 4th, Water Puppet Show


JRT said...

I am sorry you guys are still there! We will be praying for you. I got pics from Jynger. Thank you SO much! SO encouraging and fun to see little man Lewis. Love, J

Laura said...

Shelly~ It sure looks like you guys are experiencing a lot of what Vietnam has to offer! As beautiful as the country is though, I can completely empathize with your longing to finally come home. I will be praying for your paperwork, peace of mind, health, and family back home!

Also, if you happen to go back to the quilt shop, would you mind letting me know if they have one of the children's quilts with lots of little Vietnamese girls on it (similar to a Hollie Hobbie type here - I think #8 on their website)? And do you know how much the shipping is? Thanks!