Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Good Question, Lyndie

Thanks for the question, Lyndie! The lady on the boat is wearing a mask because the air quality here is VERY poor. Have you ever been stiuck in traffic behind a big truck and it stunk of exhaust? Well that is what the streets smell like here (even the boats have strong exhaust)! Everyone on boats, bikes and scooters or just walking on the street wear these masks to protect them from the fumes....and they are strong. They also wear a mask if they are sick; this helps keep the spread of germs down. They even make little kids masks. I'll take some pictures of that today.
It was also intersting that we were out in the water seemingly alone when all of a sudden a small child would pop up out of no where on the side of our windows and want to sell us fruit. Then just as quickly they would pop off. These kids were your age (8) and younger! They would float their "market" up to our boat and somehow hop on. It was quite impressive. You will be amazed at some of the things Kathryn has eaten. I'll let her post about her experience one day. Right now she is playing with Kaden. She is incredible with him and he thinks she is pretty great too! Hope this answers your question. Thanks for watching our trip. Let me know if you have anymore questions. Give your mom a hard time today!
By the way, the replacement person is suppposed to be in the office today so pray someone can get through to them about our I-600!!!!!!!!!!!! We are enjoying ourselves but I miss my babies at home (even though they seem to having an endless party!).

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Heather said...

Oh I do hope you get your I600 approval today! That would be great. It sounds like you are making the most of your trip to Vietnam. I have thoroughly enjoyed following your trip! Kaden looks so happy! Congrats!
Heather M.
Dillon Forum.