Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Year's Ramblings....

We had a great day yesterday. We let Kade do a little resting and we just shopped down in the mall on the first floor. We met our group for dinner as Jaspas at 6:30 and then everyone came to our room for a "party". Kathryn made party invitations that we delivered earlier in the day; everyone RSVPed! It was BYOP of course (bring your on Pringles) and Chris brought some Ritz crackers and cheddar cheese....it was delicious! All the babies made it until about 10:30. Not too bad.
Today we found a Plaza which is more like a shopping mall and did some shopping. The markets were culturally interesting but we had trouble finding warmer clothes for our little man. We actually found an Oklahoma Football footie pj but they were size 6 months and after one washing it would be 3 months so we passed.
We got a call this morning that our travel buddies, the Booths, had been able to get a flight out this morning and we heading home! (They were the family that came with I-600 pre-approval.) The good news is that if someone was able to sign for their visa yesterday, then someone should be there to sign for our provisional approval and then our visa....we hope! I know our agency is working on both sides of the globe to get us home and we are very appreciative. The travel group behind us will be in Hanoi tomorrow. Luckily our travel companions are great and we enjoy each others company and we ALL LOVE to eat! We are trying all kinds of great restaurants. Stacy has spend a lot of time researching for the trip so she is a great help.
Kaylin and Kathryn are having fun. The Booths offered to allow the girls to travel home with them but they chose to stay. They have adjusted very well to the culture and have learned to ignore the stares and winks! Being celebs isn't all that it's cut out to be. They have been troopers in almost all situations. They have eaten squid, fish with the eyes looking back at them, and have learned how to make ice cubes with bottled water! This trip is not for all kids ....probably most....but bringing them was a great choice. They are always looking around and asking questions. They smile and say hi to everyone.
Kade is incredible. He has already seen more of VN than most VN people here have! He used to always just go to sleep (or shut down) as soon as we went outside. Today he was actually looking around and only cried once when a sweet lady wanted to touch and play with him. We are so thankful for him and his disposition. He had been sleeping great the past few nights but last night he wanted to ring in the new year for every time zone I think. I really feel my age around 4 in the morning!
I can get emails to our cox account but have trouble sending them out, but keep them coming! Here are my email replies at a snap:
Superfreak, I hope your old man can pull it together and not fall apart! If not, we'll ditch him for Ken's!
Stacy A, yes, there will be no cropping for me and I'm very sad about it. We'll have the first annual crop at Gran's coming soon....haven't talked to her about it yet though!
Cynthia J, congrats on pre-approval! He'll be home before you know it!
Miles, keep praying sister! Boys, Kade has some great hands for football!
Enjoy your New Year's Day!

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Brian and Staci said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! Ok, then, it's confirmed, no Shelly at Pine Cove...I've ALREADY hit a wall! Anyway, looking forward to this "cropping at Gran's" you speak of!!! What a great Gran! Can't wait for you guys to get home!