Sunday, January 6, 2008

Saturday and Sunday

Didn't post cuz' didn't do much!!! Yesterday we decided to let Kaden actually sleep in his bed for a full nap. We usually get him up in the middle of his nap to go sightseeing. It's kind of sad because we actually have a routine going! We worked puzzles, read, watched movies (thanks Paula), napped and enjoyed Fetticini La Momma in our room. We did go back to Hoa Sua for dinner last night. Kaylin wanted French again....actually she wanted mashed potatos.
Today we went and toured the Viet Nam history museum. It kept us busy. Kathryn was our little tour guide with her brochure in hand. We ate at a great little Italian place and had fabulous pizza and calzones. We ordered in tonight because Little Man has a tooth coming in and he was not in a party kinda mood. When our food was delivered from Jaspas, the assistant manage came in and wanted to know why we hadn't come down today...that's pretty sad. We are on a first name basis. She and Kathryn have an ongoing Tic-Tac-Toe rivalry going. Her English is very good and she enjoys chatting with the girls.
Everything is closed on Mondays so we'll probably hang out around here. Our agency is supposed to call us after they contact the embassy. We have very high hopes for that call!! We are available if they need us to run over for a quick interview with the other travel group. Seriously, move us up to the top of your prayer list. We are ready for some answers. (Does any of our Arkansas buddies know if Todd D. still is at the State Department? Mom, read our Christmas letter from them, please. We don't have our phone numbers here with us.)
The girls are still hanging in there. They have mastered crossing the streets. Kathryn has mastered eating with chopsticks. Now they really draw attention in resturants! Kaylin has become a fashion monger and acts like she doesn't like the attention but we all know better!
On a Personal note: Miles, thanks for the outing for K4 and K5. Mom and K1 enjoyed the break and the girls told me all about their day.
Fresh water girls: Keep the sonics flowing. You crack me up! Surely Sonic is going to start seeing bottom line trouble and realize we are the source of the downfall! On the other hand, the ice cream industry in VN has seen a drastic rise in their bottom line.
SuperFreak: wow! Okay, okay, tell your old man that he can go to Ken's with us and stop with all the drama! keep the emails coming!
I'm going to sign off now. Oh, Dave wants to say that he now offically hates soccer! Send that into the Rant please!


Miles said...

We're praying that Dillon get's all the red tape worked out. I know you are ready to be home with your family all together! We thoroughly enjoyed having K4 and K5 with us. They are so much fun! Hang in there - we'll keep praying!

N and J are sick today so we don't get to have lunch with Gran. Sad about that.We keep telling her she gets the Granny of the year award! Hopefully all will be well to give a break tomorrow. Last day before school starts back!

Scott and Leslie said...

Oh gosh! We so feel for you. While it is nice to spend some time soaking up your childs birth culture, you just want to get home to your other children and begin your life with some sort of normalcy. Glad to hear that the girls are enoying their time and they appear to be doing well. Post as soon as you hear of your interview. We will be praying for you!

Brian and Staci said...

You are at the top of my prayer list! I wish I knew someone high up in the government to help...but unfortunately I don't. Our best bet is to keep on prayin'!

Catherine said...

A day at the spa would be nice...Granny

S. said...

I am praying that your I600 comes through tomorrow--I am very afraid we may be in the situation and be forced to travel w/out it...your baby is beautiful--hang in there!