Thursday, January 10, 2008


First of all, we are still waiting on our email. Not a surprise, they have to transfer our case from HCMC to Hanoi and we guessed two days for mailing of that. We'll keep you updated here....for all you OKCer's....we'll keep you fore-warned!
On Thursday we went to the Botanical Gardens and a little orchid nursery. Now, this was a beautiful place, but botanical garden is a little strong! It was mostly a place for brides to have their portrait taken. We then went on an adventure to find HCM's house on stilits. We went down some interesting roads but won't get too much into that....we think we found the other side of the tracks in Hanoi!
We did finally find Ho Chi Minh's Moseleum, his Presidential Palace, his house on stilts and the One Pillar Pagoda. It was very peaceful and you could almost forget about the horn honking all around! Kaylin was pretty "freaked out" (her words) because of all the guards marching around. The girls actually have learned a lot while we have been here. They ask questions and pay attention to what they are seeing. (Mainly they have learned how to cross the street and not get killed.)
After several hours of walking we decided it was time to eat. We walked to KOTO's again and shopped at the craft-Link again. We can spend way too much time there! Then it was home and Prison Breaks. We are on Season 2 now...thanks Karis.
Thanks again to all my friends who are helping my mom out! You guys are the greatest. I loved the pictures from Paula of my biddies. Check them out on
they are all doing well. I especially appreciate all the emails. You girls make me laugh. My Pine cove buddies left today for a cropping weekend I assume. I can't believe I am going to miss my favorite weekend of the year!! We'll have to have a Spring weekend crop at Gran's soon....don't tell her yet, I will be "in the owing" for awhile! We'll surprise her later.
I heard there might be a surprise guest at my house next Tuesday, Muchos Gracias mi Amiga!
Mrs. Winters' Class:
This is Kathryn. I miss you and hope to be back soon (probably late next week). I bought Mrs. Winters a pretty bookmark and bought a little gift for you all...I am learning a lot about Viet Nam. I saw a bunch of Killer trees. I don't like the traffic because it is crowded. I am wearing shorts and T-shirts because it is warm here. That's all.
FYI: Mom, check on a few things for me: (Dave is obviosuly not going to make the National meeting next week.) K1 guitar? K2 piano/piano contest? K3 have you heard from upward coaches? Please clear my calender for the rest of the month; I don't plan on leaving my house for at least a month once I am there!!!!!!!! Thanks.
I can not express my nausea as I sit here for our THIRD Friday night in Hanoi and our forth Friday night away from our girls and home. If you can't type anything nice, don't type anything at all, so I won't say much more.
We will be hotel shopping this weekend or last looking venture din't prove fruitful. (Our stay here has already been extended once and they are fully booked on the 16th PLUS at almost $1,400 a week we can't keep this up!) On top of it, Kade is FUSSY. He doesn't feel great and we may need to take him to the clinic. That should be fun. He did get his first tooth this week.
Since we didn't get the email we were waiting for, we now must wait at least until Monday just to get that email. Sitting around the computer all day is the hardest part. It makes the day VERY long. Once we receive our email confirmation of our I-600 pre-approval, it will likely take 2 days to get our appointment at the Consulate. So, realistically we could be here another week. Thanks for all of your prayers. No doubt they are needed now more than ever.


Cliff & Chandra said...

I hope you get to come home soon with your new son!

Miles said...

Oh Shelly ~ I am so sorry this has been such a mess. We will continue praying that the email will come and the consolate appointment set. So thankful that Kade is with you. We will pray that he feels better too. We look forward to seeing you all next week.

Love and hugs to you all!

Susie said...

Hey Shelly, You're getting close to our month stay in Vietnam! I know it's hard and you're ready to come home, but at least for me, a year and 1/2 home, I'm glad for that extra time I got to spend them and enjoy Vietnam. I do know it's hard to think about that now...hoping your email comes and your appt. is monday or Tuesday!!!
SusieR, mom to Hannah and Ella

Dianna said...

Shelly and family, I'm thinking of you every day and hoping that that dratted email comes soon. At least you know you can get out of the hotel room this weekend, without staring at the computer screen. Enjoy your LAST weekend in Vietnam. Soon you'll be home and your entire family will be together.

The Efirds said...

we've been following your blog since before you left for vietnam. prayers for the long awaited email and a safe trip home.

Julie said...

This has been such a long journey for you all. I log on each day in hopes of reading some good news. This has to be your last weekend in Vietnam. We will keep you in our thoughts all weekend in hopes of great Monday news.

Kim said...

Shelly, my heart just aches for you and your family. I hope you hear something soon. We are praying for you. Soon, it will all just be a memory. :)

Leigh said...

There has recently been some discussion of decent, inexpensive hotels on the Vietnam Travel Group website. I'm not sure if you are a member of that group or not, but I'll be happy to forward the recommendations if you'd like.

I'm praying for you guys, and especially for Kade. I sure hope he is feeling better soon.

Take care and hang in there!

Cindy said...


The zoo trip was not too bad. Gives a different perspective of our zoos. We just took a taxi from the hotel and they told him zoo. Now, when we finished we had to walk up the little road to the main road and hail a taxi. Wasn't hard. Craftlink that is where I want to go. Need to check that out. I hope you hear something on Monday! Miracle would be hear on Monday and appt. same day! Another 2 fer 1 pizza night! For you and us.

connie said...

I'm so sorry y'all are taking up residency in VN! Who would've known! We'll continue to pray for your good news and for the girls waiting at home!

Catherine said...

Shelly, Pauls blog is
heard from upwards coach practice started the 8th........

S. said...

Try the Zephyr.