Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Visa Interview Completed!

We now have permission to bring Kaden to the States. He has been legally ours now for over three weeks, but now we have the US's approval for him to travel home! It is a great feeling. (Our travel buddies are finished as well.)
This morning we moved to a new room in the same serviced residence. It took quite awhile to get everything together. We were thankful that they were able to extend our stay after all. Giving up my washer/dryer, kitchen, and moving to a cracker box made us feel crazy.
Karis, we will call you when we hit LAX and clear customs. I think you will be out of school by then. Your Dad and I will both have our cell phones charged and ready to be used. The panda phone won't work once we leave VN. We fly out 11:35 Thursday night your time. We sent you our flight plans on email. Please update the blog if we are delayed on the last leg of the flight. Everyone can check the blog for updates.
We look forward to your pancakes on Saturday morning and Kade is longing for some Kade/Karis time:)
We love you,
David, Shelly, Kaylin, Kathryn, and Kaden


Miles said...

HipHipHooray!!! We are so excited that the VISA is complete and you are headed home. We will be praying you all the way home ~ smooth and on-time flights-and a happy boy! Looking forward to you family being ALL together~

Love and hugs to you all~

Nadra said...

Yippee!!! Great news. I know you're ready to be home and get settled in. Travel safely and get some rest!!!

Jillian Alexa said...

Shelly, should I bring some synthroid directly to the airport? Your mom told me you were out. I cannot funtion without mine. We are SO happy and are dancing with you over your home coming. I really did think you were needing to change your blog name to bringing home David and Shelly. Can't wait to see you all and meet Kaden.

Leigh said...

What a relief! I'm SOOO glad you (and Chris and Stacy) are FINALLY coming home. I know the tremendous relief I felt, and I would imagine yours will be compounded by about 1000%!

We hope to see you at the airport! Woo Hoo!!

Brian and Staci said...

Just got the chills reading that he's completely your's and everything approved! Yeah!!! I'm so excited to see you guys!
Safe travels!

S. said...

Congrats! And thank you for blogging regularly, it helps the rest of us know what to expect!