Sunday, January 20, 2008

We're home!

Just a quick note to let everyone know we made it home. Kaden slept most of the flights and could not have been better on the long flight...well except for the "spray" before we got on the long flight and the complete eruption all over my shirt, down my shirt, and in my hair during the first few minutes of the long flight. I smelled lovely!
We were welcomed by a surprisingly large crowd at the airport considering it was so late. I think people wanted to make sure it was really us. Kade was taken with Karis immediately! They have made up for lost time the past two days. Kathryn has been playing with Kenna and Kiley. Penny, Kaylin's hamster, has gained much weight due to lack of personal attention (Gran and Karis would throw food in but not touch).
I was going to go on a major diet when we got home but instead we were welcomed with Paula's home cooking! Man, it's fabulous to open the frig and have several complete home cooked meals waiting to be simply warmed in the oven. We have eaten well! Another friend brought a big bag of Panera bagels and scones to the airport for our breakfast....well, we didn't wait for breakfast to break it out! We walked in to a beautifully cleaned house, another perfect gift from a great friend! We were also surprised by a friend who had brought over a high chair, car exersaucer, and a bouncy seat. Kaden LOVES his car and sat in it to look at the Christmas tree.
I will have Dave upload pictures soon, in his spare time! Mom brought over a birthday cake and ice cream for his birthday today. The cake said "Happy Birthday to the Father of Six." Wow, that's a lot!
Will update soon!
Well, Dave


The Efirds said...

so glad you're home safely! glad that the flights went well! congrats again!

Brian and Staci said...

I'm so glad you guys made it home!!! Sorry I couldn't be there..Brian's family in town. Maybe I'll see you at Bunco?? Hopefully so!

In the meantime, enjoy being home with your new baby and your girls who missed you soooo much!

Nadra said...

Yay!!! I'm so glad you're home. Get some rest and enjoy your family!!


Heather said...

Welcome home! You all were certainly troopers. Enjoy!

Leigh said...

Yea! Sorry I missed you at the airport. I finally fell asleep. I'm sure you'll understand since I've remained on Vietnam time for over two weeks now!

Can't wait until you are settled and receiving visitors...we'd love to come catch up. Besides, I owe you a Sonic drink!

So glad you are home!!!

Julie said...


You guys had quite an adventure. Hope everyone is settling in now. Get plenty of rest and enjoy your house again.

Barb P. said...

So Glad to know you are home and finally all together! What a trip you had! We have been praying for your safety and will continue to pray for you expanding family! All the best.
Barb P.
Qiang(QT3) Mom

Heather said...

It was wonderful to follow the trip to your son! Thanks for sharing your lives & journey with us....congrats again on your son & enjoy being home.
Heather M.
Dillon Forum Family

Julie said...

Congratulations! I'm so glad you're all home safely. I look forward to seeing you soon and meeting your son!

Julie Crum

OKeedokey said...

It's Haley Littelton from church. Just wanted to say it was so sweet to hear your brand new little one snoring so "sweetly" in Sunday school!

Erin said...

So happy you're home! Hope the adjustment is going smoothly. Looking forward to all of those pictures!

ErinP (dillon family)

Leigh said...

HELLO......Anyone Home??? Where's that update you promised at the TET party???

Hope all are well and healthy in your clan! Hard to believe that two months ago we were celebrating...BYOP (bring your own pringles!) at the Somerset Grand. Happy New Year! What memories!