Wednesday, April 30, 2008

We're still here!

As you can see, Kaden is great! He laughs and smiles all the time. He is very content and VERY busy. It takes all seven of us to keep up with him. His sisters adore him and he adores them. He gets very excited to see them walk in the door. We are so thankful to have him home with us. With all the crazy stuff going on now with VN adoptions, (the US is the problem not the VN government by the way) our month "Adventure" seems like a spa vacation. (Kaden's baby dedication is Mother's Day and we had to submit two pictures. Well, after MUCH stress and MANY attempts these are the pictures we ended up with. He smiles easily but catching him still and smiling is almost impossible. Dave, Kaylin, Kathryn and I were worn out trying to take these. Won't be doing this anytime soon! I was maxed out.)
We have been crazy the last few months getting adjusted to our new normal. The first couple of months were unbelievably hard. Kade was a horrible sleeper and we were getting only a few hours of sleep every night. After doing this for four months, we were glad when he started sleeping better! I can handle a lot when I have a full night's rest...and trust me, I need all my rest to orchestrate our circus complete with 4-and 5- year old monkeys!
I guess the lack of sleep and new stress took a toll on me and Dave. We just had our first "sick-free" week since coming home in January. It got to the point of being laughable. We were going to the doctor 2-4 times a week. We didn't just pass things around, we all kept getting weird stuff. I had strep for the first time ever, Kenna slammed her thumb in a door and lost her thumb nail, Kaylin sprained her finger, Dave got dehydrated and spent the afternoon in an ER while he was out of state on business...and on and on. We have figured out that Kade may have asthma. We went to a pulmonolgist and he has helped us get things under control. Hopefully once allergy season passes, he can stop the daily breathing treatments. We have had over $1,000 in co-pays in the past three months.....ouch! We all seem to be over the hump and things are better now. Once we get past breathing treatment and bottles (oh yeah, Kade prefers for us to hold his bottle, is that wrong?) I have will have a lot more time for other things like laundry!
Since Kaden is not an only child, here are a few highlights for my girls. Karis is getting ready for high school next year. We had to map out her next four years while she is still in 8th grade; times have sure changed. I am trying to find her a CSI-type camp for this summer. She is really into that kind of thing right now. She is also writing a book that is coming right along. It is REALLY good. She is also doing the lights for the school musical coming up soon.
And speaking of the musical, Kaylin made the school musical this year....pretty impressive for a sixth grader. She actually has a tiny solo. She also has a voice/piano recital coming up.....which happens to be the same night as the school physicals since she wants to play volleyball next year. She recently got braces and is getting reacquainted with speaking!
Kathryn has become quite the softball player. She plays second base and has made some outs. She is getting better at batting (pitching machine) and can make it to base. We really enjoy watching her play. She still talks almost daily about our VN trip. She is amazing with Kaden and loves to push him in the stroller which he will tolerate for only a few minutes!
Kiley just lost her first tooth! She is 5 1/2 and was completely freaked out by the tooth fairy thing. We resorted to you can keep your tooth and just go to sleep. We'll set the alarm to keep anyone out! Her language is still pretty impressive for being here almost two years. She LOVES to ride her bike...the faster the better. She is my roller-coaster buddy. She is looking forward to swimming this summer and asks often when is it summer.
Kenna, our 4-year old, watched Kaden jumping in his Johnny Jump-up the other day and said, "If it weren't for gravity, Kade would be in the fan." After I closed my mouth, I told her she was right and she proceeded to tell me all about space and gravity. She is very interest in learning Chinese so she can read her Chinese Bible. We are looking for a tutor since Chinese school just ended last week. She is very interested in languages and always has been. You never know which language she will greet you with thanks to Dora World Adventure.
As for me and Dave, we just returned from the Bahamas so we are good! The biggest decision we made each day was which beach to lay by. We were surprised to learn that while we were in VN, Dave's sales shot up and boosted him to #2 and he won the vacation! We have never needed a break more in our lives! Mom graciously came and moved in while we were gone. I think she was glad we got a chance to get away.
I don't get on the computer much except to check emails so I can't promise to be better at blogging, but maybe I can try for weekly. It always amazes me that people want to peek into our chaotic lives. We feel like Jon and Kate plus Eight!

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