Friday, May 9, 2008

Happy Pack Horse Day!

They should officially change the name from Mother's Day to Pack Horse Day, don't you agree? You know a mother by the tons of stuff in her arms it seems. Anyway, Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there. And to all those stuck in the waiting process to be a mom, my heart goes out to you. You deserve a special day too...maybe even more so!
Got to run, having company this weekend so need to get a million things done on top of the usual half-a-million!
(Staci, two in the same month, I"m on a roll.)


Leigh said...

Happy Pack Horse Day to you!!

Now, what are we gonna call Father's Day???

Brian and Staci said...

Wow! How DO you do it?? TWO posts in one month...I am impressed girl! (I realllly am :) )I hope you had a great Mother's Day as well. Hey, maybe you should be entitled to 6 Mother's Day throughout the year?? Sounds good to me! Hey, just in case you were wonderin'...I got my hair cut...OFF. No clippie or ponytail any more...boohoo. Well, actually I still have a 'nubbin of a ponytail if I so desire on those bad hair days...but I think I love it!

Bill, Paula & Will Cook said...

You are at least fifteen posts behind! :) Time for a new photo.....finally, I'm saying it to someone else instead of having 500 people post it on our site! :)